Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Controversy Over "Stupid Suckers" Ad Against McCain

An interesting article from www.alipac.us about John McCain's senate primary. This follows this post about the presidential candidate's stance on immigration issues. Remember, “Amnesty” means ANY non-enforcement of existing immigration laws! This follows this comment and this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! Also, you can read two very interesting books HERE.
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PAC Responds To Controversy Over "Stupid Suckers" Ad Against McCain

(Raleigh, NC) Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is issuing the following statement in response to the controversy regarding the group's new ad against John McCain that is currently being broadcast to Arizona voters via automated calls, online ads, and internet and phone based volunteers.

The new ad was released yesterday on Saturday, August 27, 2016, in the hope of reminding Arizona voters that John McCain lied to them during his 2010 campaign when he promised not to run for office again and not to support amnesty for illegal immigrants anymore. ALIPAC is asking for volunteers and donors to help reach as many voters as possible with the new ad titled John McCain's Arizona Suckers for Lies & Amnesty.

McCain's lies are well documented by the fact he is on the ballot facing a strong GOP challenger named Dr. Kelli Ward this Tuesday, August 30, and he voted for the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill (S. 744) in 2013!

ALIPAC's Controversial Ad
John McCain's Arizona Suckers for Lies & Amnesty


"While some Arizona voters feel my use of the term "stupid suckers" is too harsh, the real problem is John McCain and all of the Americans who have lost their jobs, communities, homes, and very lives to the illegal aliens he supports with Amnesty legislation!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC, in response to the criticisms. "People can say that me and my message are the problem, but I'm not the one that lied to them, John McCain is. They can shoot the messenger if they want, but the truth is that every voter that voted to reelect McCain in the GOP primary of 2010 due to his promises to not run again and stop supporting amnesty got suckered! Whether they are stupid enough to reelect him again in 48 hours remains to be determined."

Some voters receiving the automated call from William Gheen of ALIPAC are choosing to interpret the message as Gheen calling Arizona voters "Stupid Suckers" while the ad attempts to be clear that John McCain is treating them like "Stupid Suckers" and are airing their complaints via phone calls, messages, and online posts.

William Gheen and ALIPAC volunteers plan to double down and stick to this controversial message until polls close on Tuesday August 30!

For more information about how John McCain is treating Arizona voters like "Stupid Suckers," the emerging controversy over ALIPAC's new anti-McCain ad, or to schedule interviews, please visit www.ALIPAC.us.

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