Monday, January 4, 2016

Editorial: DEM Side - Will Hillary lose Iowa & NH?


On the GOP side, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are two of the best candidates the GOP has fielded in a long time. They energize the base and show that they are willing to fight for conservative issues. Mr. Trump didn't fold in spite of all of the boycotts, and Mr. Cruz has been a stalwart conservative in the Senate. Most of the other GOP candidates are also fair and worth at least some consideration in this election.

On the DEM side, Mrs. Clinton is the current front-runner. However, even many Dems don't know whether she'll change her position on any issue at any time. Mr. Sanders, even if you don't agree with him, seems like you know where he stands in his Socialist positions. Would it be better for the GOP, or even the USA, if Mr. Sanders, rather than Mrs. Clinton got the DEM nomination?

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