Monday, November 23, 2015

Editorial: Mizzou Counterstrike!


The Group began the counterstrike at Mizzou! This strategy can be used in other trending liberal areas such as Maryland, South Carolina, Minnesota, and California as well as any others you are concerned about!

Last night at the University of Missouri, the campus conservatives were triumphant in the battle for free speech and sanity. Through Young America’s Foundation, Mizzou’s conservative club hosted Ben Shapiro in front of a packed audience (and overflow room), and a massive online audience. Approximately 160,000 people tuned in to watch the event online, in addition to the 400 present in the auditorium and overflow room.
Shapiro knocked down the liberal arguments over “white privilege,” “safe spaces,” and “microaggressions.” The conservative students at Mizzou were inspired to become more active on campus and showed the university that not everyone agrees with the liberal protesters who took control of the campus last week.

If you’re looking to become more active on campus or invite a conservative speaker to your school, here are four lessons you can take from last night’s event at Mizzou.

Lesson 1: There Are More Conservatives on Campus Than You Think
First, conservatives win by being vocal. Last week, the University of Missouri’s campus was taken over by liberal protesters, claiming Mizzou needed to address its “climate of racism.” The vocal minority appeared to be a majority, as conservative students had yet to stage a counter-movement. That all changed last night. For once, the liberal students at Mizzou, and in the audience listening to Ben Shapiro got a taste of what it feels like to be a college conservative: Outnumbered.

Lesson 2: A Handful of Flyers and Tweets Don’t Cut it for Advertising
“Boots on the ground” activism is the way to go. The conservative club at Mizzou worked for hours a day leading up to the lecture, hoping to secure a large audience. They plastered campus with (literally) thousands of posters and passed out hundreds of flyers on campus. They also “chalked” the entire campus, posting quotes like “check you liberal privilege” and “see Ben Shapiro tonight at 6 pm!” When preparing for an on-campus lecture, writing a blog and posting a couple tweets on social media isn’t enough. The Mizzou conservatives proved that this week.

Lesson 3: Call out the Left for their Failed Ideas
Telling the truth always wins. The title of Ben Shapiro’s lecture, “Truth is a Microaggression,” couldn’t be more accurate. Shapiro didn’t silence liberal dissent because he was loud or simply because there was a large audience. He silenced the liberal protesters in the room because he told the truth forcefully and thoroughly.
Lesson 4: Work with YAF!
Finally, we encourage you to work with YAF if you want to fight back on campus. Several of the conservatives at Mizzou attended our Fall Conference at the Reagan Ranch last week, where they saw Ben Shapiro speak. They were so inspired by his talk, and excited to become more active on campus, that we worked with them to stage this event in a matter of six days. We can do the same for you. Contact us today.


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