Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stop FL, TX, NC, NE Licenses for illegals now

An interesting article from about licenses for illegals. This follows this post about the TPP. This follows this post about drought and immigration. This follows this post on HOW amnesty is funded in ways other than the DHS. Remember, “Amnesty” means ANY non-enforcement of existing immigration laws! This follows this comment and this post about how to Report Illegal Immigrants! Also, you can read two very interesting books HERE.
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Stop FL, TX, NC, NE Licenses for illegals now along with TPP deal

If you support our efforts to stop amnesty legislation in DC, Obama's unconstitutional amnesty attempt, and benefits for illegals such as drivers licenses in the states, please support our second funds drive of 2015 by donating now at

ALIPAC Activists,

Please get your final calls into the US Senate today telling Democrats and Republicans alike to listen to the American public instead of the big business interests that want them to give Obama more power to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which is most likely to subject America to more illegal immigration and hyper legal immigration bombardment!

Here are the latest details, let's light up those phones!
Liberal senators imperil Obama Trans-Pacific Partnership trade bill

Stop Licenses for Illegals in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Nebraska!

Illegal aliens need licenses to drive to jobs it is illegal for them to have, and to rent apartments and open bank accounts to make it easier for them to send US dollars out of our economy to other nations.

Help ALIPAC stop the attempt to advance licenses for illegals legislation in 4 key states that the illegal alien invasion backers want to take over next!


Call and write the Florida State Senate to oppose SB 300 which is a bill with bipartisan support that would provide driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Let Florida lawmakers know that a super majority of Americans and Floridians oppose such measures using contact info at this link...


HB 4063 that would give licenses to illegal aliens in Texas has just passed the Texas House State Affairs Committee and will soon be voted on by the entire Texas state House! The new invasion backer strategy is to get a narrow band of Republicans to vote with most Democrats to pass the bill. Please call and write as many members of the Texas House as possible to explain to them why 77-83% of Americans oppose licenses for illegals and why 67% of Oregon voters rejected the measure in 2014. Tell them to fight against and vote no on HB 4063 by using contact info for lawmakers as this link...


The NC House Finance Committee will hear Rep. Warren's HB 328 "Licenses for illegals" bill soon. We have a chance to stop this bill in committee. Please call and write the lawmakers on the Finance committee at this link to explain to them why 77-83% of Americans oppose any form of licenses for illegals and why 67% of Oregon's voters rejected DMV issued permits for illegals in the 2014 elections!


Nebraska is currently the only state in America to deny licenses to Obama's decreed amnesty illegals under DACA (Deferred Action Amnesty). Please call Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (402-471-2244) to say, "Thank you Gov. Ricketts for not giving licenses to Obama's illegals and please veto any legislation that would provide any form of licenses or permits to illegal aliens!"

Then call and write as many Nebraska lawmakers as possible in the NE House and Senate using contact info for them at this link to tell them to oppose Legislative Bill 623 and any efforts to give any form of permits, licenses, or assistance to illegal aliens!

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