Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You can blow them up, but you can't marry them!!

A very interesting post from about a billboard with a U.S. soldier and a Muslim woman. This follows this post about a major mosque in Tennessee. This follows this article about American energy independence and preventing money from going to hostile countries such as Iran. For more about what you can do to get more involved click here and you can read two very interesting books HERE.

You can blow them up, but you can't marry them

Billboard in L.A. for anti-snoring product   From AdWeek:   Sleep Aid Defends Billboard Featuring U.S. Soldier With a Muslim Wife

'There are couples like this'

Are there?

White American with veiled wife?

I imagine there are a few, but a very few.

One of the many drags of America's endless efforts to win the hearts and minds of Muslims by blowing them up is that taking their women is almost completely off-limits. You can blow them up, but you can't marry them.

In contrast, the Germans, Italians, and even Japanese were pretty good sports about G.I.'s marrying their womenfolk. For example, in the later 1970s through 1990s in the San Fernando Valley, about half of my mom's social circle of bridge ladies were a half-dozen old German warbrides of high degrees of gemütlichkeit. She was booked to go with them on a return visit to Germany and Austria, when illness forced her to drop out, which is too bad because the trip sounded like it would have been a blast for her.

By Steve Sailer

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