Monday, June 6, 2016

Editorial: Battlezone California!!! ***UPDATED***


As we ALL saw last week, the so-called "tolerant" LEFT attacked those they disagreed with with eggs, fists, cones, and other unreported objects denying the rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly to Trump Supporters.

Maybe Donald Trump might pick one of these victims to be his vice-president, after all, if someone takes an egg for you, or is bloodied up for you, then that does show they are devoted to you!

However, in regards to these attackers, where is the "tolerance" that they claim to have? Where is the "diversity" of different ideas? Where is the "multiculturalism" towards the culture of their political opponents? Where is the "safe space" Trump supporters deserve? And when will the "microagressions" from the news media's coverage stop??!!

To review what happened, look at these stories:

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