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Top 10 PC Campus Offenses of 2015

A timely post from http://www.yaf.org  about hostility towards mainstream American students on universities. This follows this post about  Star Wars anti-white message. This follows this post about Pope Francis's opinion of Mexicans. This follows this post about Muslim immigration and Donald Trump.
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Top 10 PC Campus Offenses of 2015

 Posted by Emily Jashinsky
Top 10 PC Campus Offenses of 2015
Any American who follows the news knows that it's been an historic year for campus controversies. From the Mizzou protests to the proliferation of safe spaces to mandatory sensitivity trainings, in 2015 the PC Police were more active than ever on our nation's campuses, continuing their efforts to suffocate students' rights to free speech and open debate.
Take a look back at some of this year's most egregious offenses and share the list to help us spread the word and fight back in 2016.  
10.  American University Instructs Students to Introduce Themselves by “Gender Pronoun” at Orientation, UTK Issues Bizarre Pronoun Guide
At American University's freshmen orientation this August, students were instructed to introduce themselves by name, hometown, and "gender pronoun."
When AU freshman Tristan Justice, a Young Americans for Freedom leader, questioned this instruction, his orientation leader responded, "Here at AU, we don’t like to make assumptions about people’s gender."
Justice told The New Guard, "Despite being informed that American University was a very liberal campus, I went to orientation with high hopes that it wasn’t as bad as it sounded, but I was wrong."
Tristan’s story was covered by outlets including Fox News and The Drudge Report, bringing the proliferation of this radically progressive ritual to the attention of a national audience.
At the same time, the University of Tennessee’s decision to issue a bizarre guide to gender pronouns like “ze” and “zir” was also making big headlines. The school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter pushed back by publishing a viral video that showed their peers struggling to even pronounce the words in the guide. Soon after, their school removed the guide from its website.

9. Duke University Broadcasts Muslim Call to Prayer
In an initiative to promote religious pluralism, Duke University decided last January to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer every Friday on campus from the Chapel bell tower.
After pressure from Young America’s Foundation, whose spokeswoman Ashley Pratte reported extensively on the story on Fox News, other conservative leaders, and thousands of concerned parents, students, and alumni, Duke canceled the initiative.

8. Students Vote to Remove Chick-Fil-A From Campus
In January, students at Indiana University voted 18-9 to remove Chick-Fil-A from its Bloomington campus, based on concerns over the company's views on same-sex marriage.  But in the same meeting the Residence Hall Association voted unanimously to support and establish a residence hall floor for gender blind housing for those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.
The school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter leader Andrew Ireland was interviewed about the decision by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Fox & Friends, where he noted this was a giant double standard. Ireland remarked, “[The vote] was an act of discrimination against a worldview.”
Political correctness is coming for your chicken.

7. High School Principle Seizes Mic to Dismiss Students During YAF Lecture, Says Shapiro “Crossed a Line”
In front of a capacity crowd of more than 450 students, an Otay Ranch High School administrator dismissed students from conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro’s speech, which was organized by the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter and sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, after telling the audience Shapiro’s conservative beliefs “crossed a line” earlier this December.
The administrator’s actions were caught on camera and can be seen at the :44 second mark in the video below.
The administrator seized the microphone from a student during the Q&A session to dismiss the enthusiastic audience after he objected to Shapiro’s conservative outlook on poverty. The audience cand be heard booing their teacher on video, with one student saying “I want to stay!”
More proof that students are conditioned to oppose conservative ideas before they even get to college.

6. University of California Board of Regents Considers Restrictive Speech Code
As debates over free speech intensified at campuses across the country, the University of California system considered adopting an exceptionally restrictive speech code in the fall of 2015. The policy encouraged students to report “derogatory language reflecting stereotypes or prejudice” as speech that was in violation of the code, among other things.
The process ignited a fierce debate in California and in the national media, exemplifying the troubling trend of unconstitutional restrictions on exercises of First Amendment rights on American campuses.
Of all places, the UC system should have a strong respect for free speech since the movement began at Berkeley fifty years ago.
While the policy was rejected, California bureaucrats like Janet Napolitano will likely continue their efforts to crack down on students’ rights to free expression.

5. Christina Hoff Sommers’ Speech Combated with ‘Safe Spaces’
When it was announced that widely respected conservative feminist Christina Hoff Sommers would be giving a lecture at Georgetown University sponsored by the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, the school’s feminist community was outraged. They claimed Sommers’ insistence upon questioning false statistics about sexual assault amounted to “hate speech” and was “triggering” for students on campus.
Students set up “safe spaces” where anybody who felt unsafe because of Dr. Sommers’ words could seek shelter—they held signs in the back of the lecture hall redirecting attendees who became endangered by Dr. Sommers’ “hate speech.”
After the event, Georgetown requested that CBLPI take down their video of the lecture. In response, Luce Institute president Michelle Easton remarked, “Could it be that the University is trying to conceal the embarrassing behavior and declarations of its feminist students at our lecture? Dr. Sommers‘ lecture was a public event, and the camera was in plain view. Surely the University understands that.”
This event brought the proliferation of  “safe spaces” to national attention, shedding light on the Left’s new strategy to further isolate college students in bubbles of progressivism and eliminate conservative speech from campus completely.

4. GW YAF Threatened with Defunding, Called Violent and Hateful for Resisting Sensitivity Training
The George Washington University’s YAF chapter had no idea how much controversy they would cause by simply suggesting the university provide a religious exemption for students who wanted to opt out of recently mandated sensitivity training. But after their peers found out they had resisted the student government’s mandated reeducation camps, other student organizations demanded they be defunded, compared them to ISIS and cancer, and said they had “committed an act of violence” against the transgender community.
Their story went viral, earning coverage on Fox News, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, The Washington Times, and many other outlets. Most importantly, top administrators assured students that no mandatory training would ever be held at The George Washington University. The following semester, the chapter had their highest recruiting drive in recent memory.
GW YAF’s victory for free speech drew national attention to the pervasive trend of university-mandated sensitivity training, which is typically no more than a thinly veiled effort to institutionalize leftist ideas and label conservative beliefs “hate speech.”

3. American Sniper Screening Canceled for ‘Islamophobia’
When the University of Michigan announced it would be screening the hit film American Sniper, Muslim and Middle Eastern students began circulating a petition demanding the movie be cut because of its allegedly anti-Muslim message. Students complained the film made them feel “uncomfortable” and unsafe.
The university announced it would cancel the screening of American Sniper and replace it with the children’s movie Paddington.
Michigan YAF took the lead in pushing back against the university’s decision to pull the movie. Chairman Grant Strobl called for a return to sanity as a guest on Fox News.
After being harshly criticized in the national media, and from football coach Jim Harbaugh, for their strange decision, the university announced it would indeed be showing American Sniper and called their choice to cancel it a “mistake.” Still, other schools had similar issues with the film.

2. Yale Students Riot Over Halloween Email
In recent years, Halloween has brought out the worst in our nation’s professors and university administrators. Annually, they lecture students across the country on ensuring their Halloween costumes are politically correct, inoffensive, and “microaggression”-safe. This involves discouraging students from wearing sombreros, dressing up like Pocahontas, or imitating their favorite rappers. This new push against “cultural appropriation” inspired a Yale faculty member to send students a notably calm and rational defense of politically incorrect Halloween costumes, urging students not be censored by the university, which had sent an earlier email reminding them to be “culturally aware” and sensitive.”
This one thoughtful and reasonable email set off a firestorm. Students gathered to demand an apology and a resignation for the faculty member’s failure to create a “safe space.” As he attempted to reason with them on the quad, a viral video caught the students screaming expletive-laden rants about sensitivity in his face.
In response to the uproar over “cultural appropriation” exhibited by students at Yale and across the country, Virginia Tech’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter actually staged a “Funeral for Halloween” on their campus, complete with a coffin and eulogy for the once enjoyable holiday.
vt halloween funeral 15

1. Mizzou Turned Upside Down Over Questionable Accusations of Racism, Black Conservative Called ‘Uncle Tom’
This case is easily our country’s most high profile campus controversy in recent memory. Large-scale protests and demonstrations in early November drew reporters and camera crews from around the world to the University of Missouri campus. After the school’s football team joined with black student groups to demand the university president resign for allegedly failing to adequately address racial issues, they succeeded and Tim Wolfe stepped down.  Not satisfied, they continued to protest and demand more resignations. The protests at Mizzou spawned a spate of protests at school’s around the country that drew heavy coverage from the national media.
Unsurprisingly, many of the allegations of racism turned out to be false or wholly unsubstantiated. Students and professors were captured on tape turning journalists away and speaking out against free speech rights.
Still, one real and documented case of racism went completely ignored by the demonstrators. When Mizzou’s conservative club took Young America’s Foundation’s activism advice and defended the school’s statue of Thomas Jefferson from campus liberals who had vandalized it, Jasmine Wells, a black member of the conservative club, was called an “Uncle Tom” on social media. Not a single one of the protestors expressed any concern.
The weekend after their campus erupted into chaos, members of Mizzou’s conservative club attended Young America’s Foundation’s Fall Conference at the Reagan Ranch where they heard from conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro. Within a day of Shapiro’s speech, Young America’s Foundation organized a free-speech oriented lecture by Shapiro on Mizzou’s campus. Hundreds of students attended the lecture in person. As of now, nearly half a million people have viewed the video online.

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